Thursday, 30 July 2015

The best bits (part 2)

by Bex

When the babies were just a few weeks old, I wrote about my favourite little things.  There are more and more little moments and things they do which I absolutely cherish and wanted to write them down again now they're 8 months old.  Today they are 37 weeks + 2 days - they've been on the outside as long as they were on the inside!

Kalyan tickling my side when breast feeding.

Priya wrinkling up her nose giving us full on toothy grins.

Watching the two of them interact when they don't know I'm there, sat upright - they will grab each others' feet, take toys off each other (Priya cries, Kalyan just finds another), say "da da da"...

Priya bum shuffling across the playmat (and further) to get what she wants.

Priya's chubby wrists.

And her amazing ability to pick up the smallest morsels of food!
This watermelon scrap did get swallowed up!

Their excited shrieks and squeals when they're happy.

Priya putting her arms up to ask to be lifted.

Kalyan clapping his hands.

Making them laugh - kissing their toes or bellies pretty much never fails!

Or blowing on his face like I was doing here!
(Photo taken by my Dad.)

Priya enjoying her food - she really LOVES eating, it's such a joy to watch her!

Covered in food and sad that it's all gone!

Cuddles, always the cuddles, especially when one of them falls asleep on me (and the rare occasions when I get to leave them as they are, all snuggled in snoozing on my chest).

(Photo taken by my Dad.)

Priya sucking on her dummy so loud I can hear it through the baby monitor.

Going for walks through our village and in the beautiful sunny countryside around our new house, Kalyan loves to gaze up watching the trees go by from the buggy.

Hovering over their sleeping bodies and listening to them breathe, watching their soft lips and beautiful faces while so blissfully at peace.

Looking at Kalyan sitting up super straight, the wee curve of his neck and his straight back, so perfectly balanced as soon as he could sit up on his own.

Watching Priya bend forward from sitting, so far over she licks the carpet/rug/play mat/sofa, and then sit right back up again!  She has abs of steel that girl!

The giggles, especially when they go on and on and on!  Be it from tickling feet, making silly faces, kisses, snuggling into their tummies - the giggles are just awesome!

Kalyan's love of holding his own hand.

When Kalyan falls asleep in my arms during his bedtime feed(s) and I lift him to transfer to his cot.  He snuffles into my neck and I kiss him on the cheek and whisper "I love you, goodnight" (usually multiple times) before I put him down.

Stroking Priya's super soft hair when settling her - it's getting quite long now, I loved the short fluffy stage too once it started growing back after her bald stage!  :)

Watching their wee faces light up whenever we walk into the room, especially for Granny & Grampy or Dadaji & Grandma.

When I see Kalyan watching me out of the corner of his eye during a feed, I kiss his hand and he can't help but smile (while still keeping a grip on the nipple!!)

Priya rolling, over and over and over, til she gets stuck and yells for assistance!

Seeing how much they enjoy water - swimming, bath time, drinking it!  They're so good at being dunked under water, getting splashed doesn't phase them and they have a grand old time in the bath together, especially now they can sit up in their bath seats and play with toys - Kalyan loves to try to catch the water falling through the stacking cups.  They both love drinking from glasses too!!  (Sippy cups are a challenge.)

I piled bubbles on her head and then she bent down to try to eat some from the water, hence the bubble beard!

She turned her head and dunked half her face!

Kalyan stroking Granny's cat and being so very gentle.

When I think Kalyan's finished feeding and fallen asleep, I gently move him away from the boob and there's a sudden panic as he smooshes his whole face back into the boob and sucks harder.  Clearly not fast asleep nor finished feeding!

Watching them get fascinated by something, be it a cat, a toy, a piece of food... the look of concentration on their faces is just precious.

There are so many more things which I always think of when I can't write them down.  I'll just have to make more lists in the future!  Kalyan and Priya are an absolute joy, we're so lucky!

Note: Although we are lucky that K&P seem to be very content, happy babies most of the time, they most definitely DO have their moments of un-joyful behaviour, don't get me wrong!  I just don't feel the need to list those as memories!!  Haha.

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