Monday, 17 August 2015

Dining Room - Before & After

by Bex

I think the dining room is my new favourite in the house after the Nursery and Playroom.  I love the bright olive green wall, the black & white frames, the gorgeous grey dresser and our stunning light which looks like a sprig of cow parsley.

Here's the before to remind you of the plain room (with carpet - eeek, that came up on the first day to reveal the solid oak floor!):


I can't take one from exactly the same angle since the door is now blocked up and the new entrance is from the kitchen.  We also had the wall lights on the right moved further apart to allow space for the wide dresser I wanted.

The papyrus paintings on either side of the dresser were bought on Nik and my first holiday together in Egypt.  We took a day trip to Cairo and each bought one of these (yes, it did cross my mind at the time that they might go well together one day!).

The dresser itself came from a family business run by John, Farmhouse Furnishings.  I highly recommend them for not only their quality woodwork but friendly service and delivery by the family themselves.  We chose design N29 but they can make them in many variations of size and style.  With or without doors, all shelves, all cupboards... and they'll paint it in any Farrow & Ball colour of your choice included in the price.  (This isn't a sponsored post, I just love their furniture!)

It gives me the perfect place to display some of my favourite cake stands, jugs and glasses.  It houses all of my platters and large serving dishes as well as our 'posh' glasses, napkins, candles and 'fancy' cutlery.  It is also the home of our drinks cupboard.

As I said in my post about the kitchen, having the opening between the kitchen and dining room is fantastic and much better than the previous layout with them as completely separate rooms.  I doubt we would have used the dining room much at all, not to mention the patio doors out into the garden.

The wine rack in the corner was a purchase from an antique shop nearby and we had planned to paint it grey, we just haven't managed that yet!

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M-J said...

Gorgeous! I love your dresser. I have an old one from my mum and dad's which I plan to upcycle (it's currently painted a horrible yellow!) But don't seem to have the time now my baby us here. Hopefully I'll get round to it soon, your post has spurred me on to get started! X

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