Sunday, 20 September 2015

Crowborough Miniature Railway

by Bex

We had an awesome time at the miniature railway at Crowborough yesterday.  We thought Kalyan would really love the little steam train and we were right!  He was so excited, doing his usual excited dance of kicking legs and flailing arms.  I have to say, we really enjoyed it too, it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon, especially in the sunshine!

Priya was a little unsure at first, we stopped on the bridge our way down to the 'station' to watch the train pass underneath and when he tooted the horn, she started crying!  Luckily she was fine after that, I think she just got a wee fright bless her.  (It really wasn't loud, being such a small train, but obviously surprised her.)

It's just a small track but is currently being extended into the next field.  It's just £1 for 2 laps (although we got 3 laps both times we rode) and the babies were free but we made a donation to help with the funding of the extension.

The surroundings are lovely with a small boating lake and lots of trees and benches.  The track is currently one big circle around the water.

The people working there were all absolutely lovely.  They were happy for me to take lots of photos and invited me to cross the track to get a better angle.

The boy working the signals asked if I'd like to take his photo too.  He let us borrow his 'Engine Driver' hat for Kalyan to wear (which as you can see, he loved!) and then offered to take another of the four of us before we left.

I think my favourites are the ones Nik took of Kalybops sitting in the drivers seat wearing the hat!

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