Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sea Life Brighton - by Bex

We had such a wonderful day in Brighton on the twins' first birthday.  We started off in the Sea Life centre and the amazing Laura was there to capture all the fun for us.  I am absolutely delighted with the photos she took, they are exactly what I had in mind when I planned our birthday day out knowing she'd be there to record it.  Despite some difficult, dark lighting in the aquarium, she's managed to get some truly gorgeous portraits of the twins as well as the photos I had hoped for in the tunnel and some brilliant close-ups and family shots.

I can quite easily say that she will always be my first port of call if we ever need a family photographer.  I only wish I'd known her sooner and booked her for our wedding.

Laura has kindly sent me way more photos than usual due to the tricky lighting so I had plenty to choose from.  I think she also knows just how much I love photos of the twins!  And anyone who reads this blog will also know that and the fact that I am useless at narrowing down my favourites.  As a result of my useless ability to edit down beautiful photos, I will write another post featuring the lovely photos she took of us outside the aquarium and on Brighton beach as they have a completely different feel anyway, back in the daylight!

I do have some super-duper absolute favourites which will be the full size single pictures below.  ;)

Anyway, about our day; other than Laura recording the morning so beautifully, we had a lot of fun in the aquarium!  It's the first time we've taken the babies to one and they loved it.  We'd never been to the one in Brighton before, and in fact, it's been years since I've been to one at all.  It was really good and the staff were lovely.

They even had rainbow effect lighting on the ceiling!

We particularly loved the touch and feel areas (I have no idea what they are actually called) where we could get wet and touch sea stars and anemones and a member of staff held up a crab for the babies to touch.  Priya wasn't convinced but Kalyan was very interested and gentle.  I love his face in the first one - like he's saying, "Really? I can touch it??" and in the last one - "what on earth IS that thing you let me touch?!"

They were both more keen on sticking their hands in the water to touch the sea stars and anemones.

There was also a sandpit full of "treasures" to find.

As well as plenty of other fish, terrapins and rays to see.

Priya again was a bit unsure when taken into the dome to see the terrapins.  She didn't mind being in the tunnel though but was happier when her and Daddy came back out.

One of my favourite bits was the underwater tunnel.  One of the main reasons I wanted to go to the sea life centre was because I thought it would be quite photogenic in the tunnel but also I love seeing sharks and rays swimming right above.  They didn't disappoint on any count, despite part of the tunnel being closed while they install a new area, there was even a huge turtle in there too!

All in all, we had an amazing morning exploring the centre.  I will definitely be going back (especially since we got free tickets to return due to part of it being closed on the day we went!).  I think it should be a new birthday tradition.  I can imagine the twins will love it even more when they're two!


Lynky said...

Beautiful photos and memories, well done Laura.

Lynky said...

Beautiful photos and memories, well done Laura.

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