Friday, 1 January 2016

Kalyan & Priya's 1st year - by Bex

Happy New Year!

I haven't managed to write my "review of the year" post this year (or any of the Christmas posts I had planned!) but I have finally managed to edit a short version of the slideshow I made for the twins' birthday, featuring all of my favourite photos from their first year (and a couple of sneaky pregnancy ones too).  I wanted to get this done in time to post on their birthday but party plans got in the way and I just didn't have time to be strict and whittle down the sheer volume of photos!

You'll probably recognise the photos taken by Laura at each of our 3 bump-baby-one photo shoots, the first bump photo by Louise, the studio pictures by Jude, the underwater shoot by Little Dolphin and a few others featuring me (and Priya coming out of me!) are taken by Nik or my family, the rest are all taken my me on my iPhone or SLR.

I have had to be really brutal when selecting the final photos to try to make it short enough to fit with one song.  The song I chose really means a lot to me and makes me feel very emotional when thinking about the twins and our journey to parenthood.  I noticed it on a slideshow Clare did of some of her amazing birth photography and just had to use it.  It's cover of A Thousand Years by Boyce Avenue.

The slideshow has not just my favourite portraits of the twins but some which bring back happy memories so they're not all technically perfect or even good quality but they are what they are - our first year as a family.  The full (41 minute!) version has a lot more of what we got up to rather than predominantly portraits like this one.  I'm pretty sure it includes quite a few which I haven't even published on the blog yet.

Anyway, here it is, with a few too many (227) photos flicking quite fast but I love it anyway and I just couldn't edit it down any further ;)

Year One from Bex on Vimeo.

It's been a pretty amazing year!

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Lorri said...

Beautiful. Love seeing your babies blossom into gorgeous little people. Here's to many more lovely memories in 2016. X

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