Saturday, 18 June 2016

Books & Bunches, Mud & Snot - Twin Update by Bex

AKA - the best bits (part 6)

Her never ending love of all books.  LOVE it!

Tell tale signs of toddler-hood - muddy hands and snotty noses.  She'd been helping Daddy planting pots in the garden.

Sneakily stealing Mummy's phone before demanding CBeebies while I made breakfast (and sneakily took photos of them).

Watching the horses:


Building towers - he's getting pretty good at building them up high!

All the bouncing on Mummy & Daddy's bed!

Kalyan has so many words now, he's learning new ones every day.  Priya's getting more vocal but still doesn't have any more clear words.  She's pretty awesome at the animal noises though!

K loves to run everywhere.  He also has the cutest little happy dance where he basically runs on the spot and he even does fist pumps!

They love gardening - helping to rake, put in plant feed, dig and fill their little wheelbarrow with leaves.

They're both still obsessed with water, they love their sand and water table in the garden and bath time is always fun time!

P has started wanting her teddies when we put her to bed, she holds her arms out until I put one in her arms, then another and another...  She once ended up cuddling all 8 teddies that were in her cot!  Arms wide and overflowing with dinosaurs, bears, bunnies and puppies!

When K gets upset (it's usually him), P gets concerned and tries to comfort him, usually patting him on the head or giving him a toy.  He doesn't like being patted on the head so it only makes him worse but she does it out of kindness and love.  It's very sweet.

Uh Oh!  I taught them this, oops.  They say it a lot!  If there's any mess, they drop something, they get dirty hands, their milk spills, there's something out of place, there's a stringy bit on their banana....  "Uh Oh!"

Priya's gesture for "all gone" or "empty".  She twists her wrist with her hand splayed (sometimes both hands).  Often combined with "Uh Oh" as above!

Priya calling Kalyan, she does this a lot now too - it sounds more like YaaaaYa than Kalyan but it's the intonation and way she does it - so CUTE!

They still love spinning and dancing, especially Priya.

Priya's gestures in general, although she's the one with fewer words, we always know what she means!  She is super cute when she shrugs, be it with one shoulder or both for different reasons.  If you ask her where something is and she can't find it, she shrugs with both palms up.

Priya also LOVES tidying.  She hates mess and is often picking things up and putting them away.  If something falls over, she will right it.  She puts her books back on the shelves (when asked) and likes lining things up.

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