Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Fire Child - Book review by Bex

I've just finished another book which I'd definitely recommend despite the fact it took me longer to read than the others I posted about recently.  The Fire Child by S.K.Tremayne was a slow burner for me, I was interested and wanted to know what would happen to the characters but not gripped enough to make me want to go to bed early and ignore everything else just to keep reading.

The main character is Rachel who goes to live in a huge old house with her new, rich husband who comes from an old family in Cornwall.  Rachel initially seems to have a wonderful life with her new family including a stepson, Jamie, with whom she gets on well but we soon learn things weren't always so blissful for her, nor is the family everything it seems.  With her husband rarely home due to work, strange things start happening and Jamie begins acting strangely.

Billed as a psychological thriller, I'd say this was more spooky with horror elements.  At points, or indeed throughout, I was guessing as to whether there was something paranormal going on or were the characters in fact going mad.  The surroundings are described beautifully with many references to the old mines of Cornwall and the huge old house they live in, Carnhallow, all adding to the mystery.  It all gets quite creepy in the second half of the book.

It turns out, towards the end I was desperate to read it to find out the answers!  There were plenty of twists and some genuinely heart-stopping moments where I was literally holding my breath as I raced through the pages.

I was interested in reading this book as I'd heard a lot about The Ice Twins which is already on my very long "to read" list.  Having read The Fire Child, I'm definitely going to bump The Ice Twins up to read soon!

I received a copy of The Fire Child in return for an honest review.

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