Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Bexphoto - my passion by Bex

It's fairly obvious that I love photography.  I used to have my own website where I sold prints of my landscapes and nature photographs but since starting this blog, I spent more time writing and taking "snaps" than I did on "proper" photography.  Before the twins were born, I invested in a 50mm lens which re-ignited my passion for photography, albeit with different subjects - people and food mainly!  And now of course, Kalyan and Priya are my muses!

I am terrible at editing down my pictures to share on this blog, one of my many flaws when it comes to photography, and have mentioned this a few times when sharing FAR too many similar pictures of the twins - I'm just too emotional about them!

Anyway, I recently started up my website again, albeit on a free platform this time, with portrait and lifestyle photography as my new focus.  I am all motivated again thanks to my recent mentoring session in KL with the fabulously talented Clare Barker Wells, originally of AOW fame.  I've written a review of my experiences and a bit about what I learned over on the new Bexphoto blog.  Please do go and take a look if you're interested.  Hopefully I will be much better at limiting the number of photos I share on my posts here in future too!

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