Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The story of us - by Bex

One of the great things about Laura Aziz taking photos of us is that she likes to tell stories with her photographs.  And she's really good at it!  On the morning she came to us, we were unprepared and running late as usual.  In fact, the last time she came to our home to take photos (exactly 2 years prior, to the day, when the twins were just 15 days old) we were in roughly the same situation, eating breakfast late (it was veggie sausages back then that we'd shoved under the grill from the freezer in a hurry) after dealing with K & P all morning.  This time, it was chicken sausages from the freezer although we were at least dressed this time.  The twins weren't and were soon demanding sausages (they'd already had their proper breakfast) and wanting up to see.

Laura was chatting with us, it was all very relaxed since we're lucky to also have Laura as a friend but she soon ran off saying she had to get her camera out already as they were being too cute sat up on the side.  I'm so glad she did!  Even though I hadn't prepared for photos in the kitchen and there was a pile of stuff on top of the fridge and there were old magazines lying around, the photos are just gorgeous and really show some of the little details which make up our every day.  Like K leaping off things into my arms, Priya's cheeky look, Nik holding on to her feet while having a cuddle, them sticking their fingers (or forks) into the spout of their beakers (which is why they now leak!)...

These are the little things Laura notices and captures.  When I saw the one of P sticking her finger in the beaker, I was like oh - they're always doing that!  I didn't even know Laura had taken it but it's one of those little, easily forgotten things that they do which I now have stored in a beautiful image to look back on.  This is basically what I love about photography and why I myself take SO many photos and insist on us having a professional shoot every year to let me be in the pictures as well as getting someone else's view into our lives.  Not to mention that Laura's photos are so much more beautiful than mine and it takes the pressure off me capturing those little moments for once.

I love that Laura sees us and so many of these little things, like I mentioned when I quoted her in my previous post - she knows what matters even if it may seem insignificant like a finger in a cup or putting shoes on or the way K hides behind his arm when he's feeling shy.  I love her so much more for those little snippets.  I also love her for sending me so many extra photos over and above what we expected.  Although I have had trouble choosing the very best ones (they're all just so good!), it means I have so many of these treasured memories to keep.  It's amazing how easily you can forget the little things as they grow and I stress so much about not writing enough down for me to read back and remember.  Photos are the perfect way for me to hang on to these early days of tears and joy, little fingers and toes, cheeky smiles and full on sulking.

The following photos basically show a typical day (be it somewhat more organised and tidy for Laura coming), not necessarily in the usual order as we tend to do the bouncing, tickling and chasing round the landing every evening before bed. (Our bedtime routine is far from relaxing and more about winding up than down!  It works for us and is one of our favourite times of the day!)  Since we hadn't managed to dress the twins yet, we ended up doing all this in the morning instead and I'm so glad as they have produced some of my all time favourite photos of Kalyan and Priya!  We eventually left the house and went on our favourite walk down our path (christened Apple Alley by Laura when she and Arla joined us for fun one day) to our favourite cafe.  Nothing special, just us, doing what we do as a family and with the added joy of Laura's company and talent.  It is the story of us, the chaos and the quiet moments, a little peek in to our life with toddler twins.

I therefore refuse to apologise for the sheer volume of stunning photographs you now must scroll through ;)

We then had a play around in the living room with "Row Row" and "See Saw" and a bit of reading before heading upstairs to get the twins ready.  We still had some of their birthday party decorations up with all their cards.  You can totally tell who is the show off and who is the shy giggly one!

I also love that the smudgy fingerprints all over the glass door are in there!  #reallife and all that ;)  (I also hate these books from Santa at playgroup but they love them!)

I think I should leave the upstairs and outside photos for another day, the ones jumping and tickling on the bed are some of my all time favourite photos of the twins ever!!

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Lynky said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely, gorgeous happy family photos, hope I'm going to get tagged in all these? Particularly love the last one of you Becky, beautiful! xx

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