Saturday, 25 February 2017

Latest Netflix/box set addictions

I think many of us are partial to a bit of a TV binge now and then, I go through phases of that or binging on books so I feel it balances out ;)  The bonus about watching TV shows is that I can edit photos and/or blog while I watch, not possible when reading.  I'm watching iZombie as I write this!

Anyway, we've had Netflix for a while and I always meant to write about some of my favourites.  We also got a temporary upgrade to get Sky Box Sets with our package until March so we started watching Elementary as we enjoyed Sherlock so much (after being rather late to the game last year).

Elementary is fab!  We weren't sure if we'd like it as Benedict would be hard to beat as a Sherlock Holmes interpretation but we really like Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in Elementary.  I'm sure you don't need me to tell you anything about Sherlock Holmes but both Sherlock and Elementary are great at portraying his personality while solving the exciting mysteries.  We're still on series one of Elementary so I hope we manage to watch them all in time before our box sets subscription runs out!

As for Netflix, I long ago discovered the power of binge watching, I watched all 8 seasons of Dexter during our IVF - it was the perfect distraction, I loved it!  If you don't know, Dexter is a blood spatter analyst who just happens to also be a serial killer.  He has his reasons and only kills people he knows to be bad.  It's very tense and has brilliant characters like his sister who swears like a trooper and Angel, a lovely detective he works with among others.  It changes quite dramatically as it goes on, with some proper cliffhangers!

iZombie was recommended to me by a friend and I'm only on episode 2 but I love it already!  The premise is a trainee surgeon who gets turned into a zombie changes career track to work in the morgue so she can eat the brains of dead people.  She soon discovers that she gets visions from the people whom she's eaten and turns investigator to solve their murders!  It's brilliant and right up my street as it has a bit of police drama, emotional drama as she struggles to keep her zombification a secret from family and a bit of gore for good measure!  It's also got a bit of comedy in the M.E. who becomes her friend, he's quite funny.

Person of Interest is about a slightly odd tech wizard billionaire (the creepy guy from Lost) who has invented a machine which monitors everything and every camera and sends information to the government about "relevant" people who are about to commit terrorist acts.  It also records "irrelevant" people who are about to be a victim or perpetrator of other crimes but these are deleted as there are only so many resources.  He therefore takes it upon himself to try to save these people and hires "The Man in the Suit", the rather hot Mr Reese who has skillz!  He and Mr Reese make a great TV couple and we also like Detective Carter and a few other characters who are introduced more as it goes on (I don't want to give any spoilers but I do love Shaw)!  We're halfway through series two as we can only watch it together so it's taking a while to get through!

I adore Once Upon a Time!  The town of Storybrooke in Maine is under a curse and all of the residents have forgotten that they were once fairytale characters, Snow White and Prince Charming for example, and actually from The Enchanted Forest.  Regina's evil queen is fantastic and I have more than a little crush on Hook!  Robert Carlyle is especially amazing as Rumpelstiltskin, amazing acting.  As the seasons move on, more and more fairytale (and Disney) characters are introduced, some I like more than others but it's still good adventure fun!

I've also recently managed to watch the whole series of Santa Clarita Diet which came out recently on Netflix.  A dark comedy which also has a zombie angle, Drew Barrymore's character suddenly becomes undead (we don't know how) and her and her family have to deal with her new desire for eating human flesh.  It is funny and extremely gruesome but I can't say I find it hilarious, it's a good one to have on in the background while blogging, etc. though.

I also started watching Orange is the New Black and loved series one and two, but I struggled to get into series 3 a while ago.

Another great easy watch is Gossip Girl which Roz recommended when the twins were born, it was what I watched during those long lonely night feeds and loved watching all the beautiful people with their dramatic social lives.  Perfect middle of the night viewing!

What are your favourites?  Are there any I should have on my list??


Becca said...

(1) Line of Duty - UK based 'cop' thriller about anti corruption unit. Series 1-2 on Netflix. Best thing about these is that the series is short but OMG all encompassing. Was BBC I think.
(2) The Shield: US based Crime drama. Pretty long series but we watched this before Dexter and I preferred it for twists and character development. I loved Dexter series 1-4 but found it a bit mneh as we continued. Boring and repetitive towards the end. Shield is better IMO.
(3) Westworld: New US drama about an alternative world in a theme park. Huge fan. Usually we don't watch series which haven't finished yet because we like to become obsessed and compulsively binge watch but so glad we made an exception to this. Was on sky Atlantic

Also House of Cards and the Westwing.

Unknown said...

Orange is the new black gets good again midway through season. 3 so worth sticking with.
My other Netflix favourites are The Good Wife, Peaky Blinders, Luther and Homeland.

Unknown said...

Totally knew this was you before I read your name Becca!

Unknown said...

I'm rewatching Gossip Girl as I type this Bex :)

Bex said...

Oops, I've only just seen these comments! Something must be wrong with my notifications. Anyway, thanks for the recommendations folks! I forgot about The Good Wife, I started that when it first came out and them missed some episodes so never got back into it, must look it up on Netflix! Have heard about some of the others so will add them to the list too. I recently found out about Westworld and gutted I missed it as we have Sky but it's not on catch up and I can't find it anywhere else yet. It sounds intriguing!

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