Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Cuckoo, new bar in Uckfield - Review by Bex

There's a brand new bar in town called Cuckoo and I was invited along to check it out and take some pictures.

The bar has a very eclectic mix of decor with graffiti murals and a modern industrial style bar with cork, rough bare wood and copper fittings and fairy lights galore!

They offer a range of drinks including ciders, wines, various beers and lagers and spirits of course as well as crisps if you get Hangry and coffees if you need a caffeine boost.  I believe they plan to start doing bar snacks and lunches soon too.

Prices are pretty reasonable, I tried an ice cold pint of Heineken after WI last week for just £3 and they have bottles of cider, also £3.  I loved the cloudy draught cider and Nik enjoyed the IPA, both £4.  The spirits are priced according to which shelf they're on, with the premium labels at the top.  The chairs are comfy and the staff friendly, there's a jukebox on the wall and the clientele seem to have pretty good taste in music, it's definitely a cool place to hang out in Uckfield.

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