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Pig & Butcher - Review by Bex

One of our local village pubs, The Pig & Butcher, has changed hands a few times since we moved here 3 years ago.  I've mentioned it before but I don't think I've written a proper review.  Over the last 18 months we've noticed a significant improvement in both the decor and food since the latest landlord took over.  The restaurant is much brighter since being re-painted and although it still has that old pub carpet, it's generally more modern and I've since learned they have plans to continue updating it and get rid of the dingy carpet.

Last night we tried some more food from the main menu and it did not disappoint!  We shared the
fish mezze to start £7 for the starter or £14 for a main version) and wished we got the bigger option since the twins were also loving it and ate most of the "pink fish"!  We had smoked trout, smoked salmon, crayfish tails in a beautiful summery dressing, pickled anchovies, mackerel pate, trout and lumpfish caviar, all served with salad and warm crusty bread & butter and a wedge of lemon.  Yum!

We ordered the twins fish & chips and macaroni cheese with mushrooms (you could also choose bacon) from the kids/senior citizen's menu and both portions were huge!  The fish & chips came with tartare sauce and peas and the pasta came with garlic bread and salad, such great value for £6.  Kalyan didn't eat much fish but he loved the pasta and ate plenty of chips of course.  Priya liked everything but again, seemed to prefer the pasta.  I tasted it too and it was lovely with a rich garlicky, cheesy flavour.  (The sauce was much more cheesy and thicker than the last time we tried it, a big hit!)

I ordered one of the specials, slow braised beef short rib with a bourbon sauce and rosemary seasoned fries.  OMG, it was so good!  The rib was moist and tender, falling off the bone and a massive portion too.  I was so pleased the sauce came in a separate bowl as I often don't like BBQ style sauces as they're too sweet or smokey or you get too much smothered on the meat and it's overly rich so this was perfect.  I actually really liked the sauce but was able to just add a little.  The coleslaw was a perfect addition too, also rich it went very well with the beef and the fries had that lovely hint of rosemary to make them more interesting.  I was absolutely stuffed afterwards!

Nik had the BBQ pork ribs which did come with the sauce on but he loved them.  As expected, this sauce wasn't to my taste but Nik polished it all off!  His was served with the same fries as well as proper onion rings and a side salad.  Both mains were £12 each.

We were so full afterwards and the kids were starting to become more difficult to keep quiet as they got more tired yet more hyper so we didn't stay for dessert.

Our total bill came to £50.50 including a couple of beers and a soda.

They also have an amazing carvery on a Sunday with a choice of 3 meats (you can also mix them) cut fresh by the chef at the counter and loads of veg including cauliflower cheese and roasties of course as well as Yorkshire puddings and all the usual sauces and gravy which you help yourself to.  I'm always really impressed by the meat, it's never dry and is always delicious, I've tried the beef, lamb, chicken and gammon, I'm hoping they'll do a roast pork with crackling one day too (my Mum would love that)!

They're child friendly with high chairs available and a changing mat in the disabled toilet.  I do wish they were able to add a wall unit though as it's not very nice having to kneel on the floor next to the loo.  (Update: they also have plans to sort this out.)  They've recently updated the beer garden too, making it more open with the removal of thorny bushes so it's safer for kids and the front looks lovely with lots of colourful flowers and they have yet more plans to upgrade the outside areas.  I'll need to take some photos of the pub next time and not just the food!

Overall, we love our local nowadays and will definitely be regulars.  The service is efficient and friendly with a lovely atmosphere as it got quite busy not long after we arrived at 6pm.  The food is quick but fresh and tasty with a good range of options.  I love the new mezzes and will be trying the meat one next time!

Olive Dragonfly Rating - The Pig & Butcher
Food & Drink - 8/10
Atmosphere - 7/10
Service - 9/10
Value - 9/10
Overall - 8/10

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