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Freddie's Flowers - review by Bex

While at Foodie's Festival I was taking photos of the Freddie's Flower's bicycle with the beautiful rose lilies in the basket and got talking to Kieran.  I had thought about signing up to regular flower deliveries before but had thought when I looked at the website, that you had to get a delivery every week and at £22 a pop that adds up pretty quickly!  Not having £88 to spare a month, I left it but I've since discovered that you can choose entirely how often you receive your flowers.  You can set it to fortnightly deliveries and even then can edit so you only get them once a month if you prefer and you can un-tick all deliveries for the next 6 weeks if you'll be away for a while too.

They're supposed to last well and £22 a month is much more manageable so I signed up.  I love having flowers in the house although I'm a sucker for a £3 bunch of Alstromerias (which last forever!), they're not the same as having a delivery of a proper big bunch of varied and well chosen flowers.  A properly designed bouquet every few weeks will be lovely and I can still get my Alstromerias in between deliveries.  Also, with a referral code from my in-laws, I got my first bouquet free!

(Read on for my code which can also get you a free bunch if you decide to try them out!)

My first bunch arrived the following Friday and they're beautiful already!  A few of them are yet to open but they already look magnificent.  Every week you can see a preview of the flowers you'll receive before you decide whether you want that delivery or not.  Each one has a video showing how best to display them too and you get care information to make them last as long as possible.  It seems they always arrive on the same day depending on where you live.  Our delivery day is a Friday which is perfect as they're here for the weekend and I'm usually around in the daytime so they won't be left sat for too long outside.

My first bunch were Sunflowers (Helianthus) which I love, along with Phlox, Eremurus and Bupleurum.  I also love the more unusual greenery that's included to finish it off rather than your usual Eucalyptus or grasses.  I'm also relishing learning lots of new flowers.  I really enjoyed picking my wedding flowers (even though I was disappointed in the end bouquet as it was not the right style at all and they used the wrong roses) and have enjoyed identifying flowers ever since.  I had a ball choosing flowers from Columbia Road market for our parents' Ruby Wedding and designing them at the venue.

Freddie's Flowers arrive in a sturdy box, packed with brown paper and string, it's lovely to cut it open and start prepping them.  I was a little concerned that the sunflowers looked a bit squished after the courier trip but they soon recovered when in the vase.  I'm really excited to see the Eremurus opened up too but even the buds are beautiful!

Mine are a bit more splayed out than in the demo video (embedded below) as I only have one large nice vase (a charity shop bargain at £5.99!) and it has a wide neck so I'll likely be investing in a bell jar vase like the one used in the video.  I love the shape anyway and it displays flowers so beautifully!

Unfortunately one of my sunflowers was damaged and soon flopped over so I had to cut it and salvage it in it's own little vase.  Perhaps if they like my blog post they'll give me a discount on my next bunch to help make up for the damaged one ;)

So tell me, will you be signing up?  You can get your first bouquet free using the referral code I received when signing up: BexM4192 or you can just click on this link for Freddie's Flowers.  I will receive another free box too if you use my link so I hope you all sign up as I could fill my house with flowers every week!  The free bunch you get is exactly the same as the current one shown on the website, still as big and beautiful as the ones you pay for and if you're not happy for whatever reason, you can cancel at any time so don't be afraid to try them out and see if it's for you.  I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed!  Don't they look stunning on our big deep windowsill?

This isn't a sponsored post, I was just very impressed with the flowers and service.  When I called up to redeem my referral code they couldn't have been lovelier on the phone.  It's also been nice to take some photos and write about flowers after the last few days spending hours and hours working on the coding for the blog!

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Prettiest Hobo said...

I'll definitely be trying them out and will use your code but I might have to wait a wee bit - think I am the only person in the universe who doesn't really like sunflowers! xx

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