Sunday, 9 July 2017

Jam-packed July weekends - Days Out by Bex!

Well July has been off to an amazingly busy start, I can barely keep up with life never mind the blog but I just have SO many awesome things I want to share!  There's so much going on in July, I'm struggling to fit them all in/choose where to go.  This weekend alone I've been to Foodies Festival in Blackheath with the twins and Ma, Uckfield Festival Big Saturday, The Hurstwood Artisan Market and Brighton Kite Festival with Nik and the twins!  

Priya getting her serious "Paint Face" at Foodies Festival
All were great fun but I think the Kite Festival wins as the twins absolutely LOVED it, as did I!  Some of the kites were epic - big beasts such as the blue whale, a giant penguin, Batman and some truly gorgeous flying octopuses (octopi?) took our breath away.  I'll be writing full review posts for each event but here are a few of my favourite photos from our weekend, we're all exhausted but happy after so much fun!

The Harvey's Dray Horses at Uckfield Festival

Mary's gorgeous colourful Macarons at The Hurstwood Artisan Market

Some of the awesome kites at Brighton Kite Festival

I'm off out to the garden for our BBQ now, the fun never ends when the sun shines! :D

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Photalife said...

Hang on...did I know you are local? We was at the Uckfield festival on Saturday too

Thank you for linking up

Zoe said...

Uckfield is the place to be!!

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