Sunday, 20 August 2017

Rainbow Dress from Honest Miracle - Toddler Fashion

I absolutely adore Priya's new rainbow dress!  You may have already seen me raving about it on Instagram, it's from Honest Miracle, an ethical family company with organic and environmentally friendly products.  The long-sleeved rainbow dress is made from 100% organic cotton which is lovely and soft and just £14.97, we love the bright colours.  If you like it as much as we do, the lovely Kim has given Olive Dragonfly readers a discount code for 20% off so keep reading...

I love that there's a fun, colourful dress with long sleeves, not something you find very often.  Honest Miracle send everything with free delivery too.  Our parcel arrived with a lovely note and a cute signature from Kim and her daughter as well!

The park is a good way for me to keep the twins in one place long enough for a photo shoot so our backdrop for the photos of Priya in her dress is the lovely play area at Ringles Cross Pub after a tasty Sunday lunch this afternoon.  (Watch this space for the first in my new Local Sunday Roast Review series.)

The dress seems very comfortable, as you can see it certainly doesn't stop her having adventures!  The size 2-3 fits her perfectly, it's knee length on Priya and does ride up a bit when she's climbing, in the swing or coming down the slide, as you'd expect, and I'd usually have put tights or leggings underneath but it was a mixed day weather-wise so I left her with bare legs in case she got too warm.

And Priya LOVES the pockets!  Each time she's worn it she's put her current favourite cuddly toy, Turtle, in her pocket, so cute.

She's worn it twice already and both times has received multiple compliments (including from strangers) on how lovely her dress is!  A few of you also commented on my social media mentioning having had your eye on it so if you decide to order, we have a discount code just for you!

Use the code BEX at checkout to receive an amazing 20% off until the end of August!

So tell me, what to you think of Priya's new dress?  Will you be ordering for your little one?  There's another gorgeous rainbow dress in chevrons available too but it's sold out in Priya's size :(

We received Priya's dress in return for this review.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own honest views. we genuinely love this dress and she'll be wearing it a lot!  Thanks Kim.

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Tuff said...

:) Okay, now I really couldn't resist any longer and HAD to order the Dress (and the cute racoon set)...

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