Sunday, 6 August 2017

Survey results - a personal post ;)

Thank you SO much to everyone who's taken my survey so far!  I wasn't sure how many people would actually take the time to do it but I have found it so interesting and definitely helpful, I'm so grateful.  (It's still open so if you fancy adding your tuppence worth, here's the link!)

The information I've received so far has been along the lines I expected but there have been some surprising and lovely comments.  There's only been one slight negative so far and that was something I had expected might be an issue anyway (hence including it in the ticky boxes to make it easy for people to confirm any thoughts), the fact I use too many photos and some posts are too long as a result.  Something I've been trying to work on as I'm my own worst editor!  Clare has helped me with that along with my general photography skills which I've also been working on recently over at Bexphoto.  I'm hoping it will make the blog look even better too as I think I am taking better photos now and thinking more about what I choose to include.  Downloading BlogStomp has certainly helped in being more strict on which photos to use and presenting them better but I will continue to try being stricter and keep more photos for albums on the Olive Dragonfly Facebook Page instead.  So if you are a fan of lots of photos, I suggest liking the page ;)

Before and after coffee faces (it was hot milk not coffee don't worry!)

One of the most overwhelming pieces of information has been that almost everyone who has taken the survey likes the personal posts (93%) and wants more.  It's funny as my IVF posts were some of my most popular and very therapeutic to write.  I also got so much support during that time yet I find it more difficult to write personal posts these days.  I'm not sure why I became nervous about personal posts, I've actually written a few about how difficult I found it moving away from friends, finding new friends, losing friends, finding my new balance as a Mum who used to do A LOT of things and how it's only now I feel able to put myself back into the blog properly.  I can't give it "my all" of course, I suspect nothing but the kids will ever get my all again as there's only so much you can squeeze into life when you're a mother to two tiny tots.  Yet I never published any of those posts.  I'm not entirely sure why but it is a scary thing putting personal thoughts out there on the internet, especially when you work locally with the public.

I actually have 313 draft posts in Blogger, not all personal posts but all semi or half written but not finished, such is the life of a busy part-time working twin mum I guess!  I'm really hoping to focus more on the blog now that the twins will be at pre-school some of the time.  We feel they're ready for more structure with more other children and it will help prepare them for school so they will be starting for just two mornings/week from September initially (I will write more about this and how I juggle work and childcare soon too as that was another request).  These two mornings will give me more time to either work on the blog and/or sort out general life stuff.  Hopefully the house will be a lot tidier and it'll take the pressure off a little as well as making me a more relaxed and happy Mummy on the days I am with the twins, rather than stressing about getting stuff done.

The 2nd and 3rd most popular posts are Twin Updates and Home Inspiration.  Someone commented that there haven't been may twin updates lately and that was also a popular topic people would like to see more of.  I have a couple of unpublished twin updates too, I never finished them as I was behind on photo editing and didn't have time to choose any as I was frantically trying to finish the twin's photo books.  I myself miss these updates as I want to record all of the awesome little things they do to look back on.  I often find myself saying, I must write that down before I forget and then I forget!  Especially now they are talking so much and coming out with hilarious things, perhaps that will become a weekly feature!

Another thing people would like more of are guest posts.  I'm delighted to report that Amy has a few up her sleeve so will be working on those over the next few weeks.  I'm loving seeing The Pink House take shape with her and James' unique home style!   We had a request for more Forever House posts from Roz too, I've messaged her with a massive hint to try to tempt her back to blogging but she's still spending all her available time painting the last few rooms of her gorgeous home so we may have to wait a bit longer, especially now she's back at work again - another very busy Mama!  If there's anyone reading who would like to write for us, please do get in touch with your ideas.  In the meantime, I'll be sharing some more about my own home since I never got round to finishing off rooms to share on the blog either.  I know my house isn't as wonderful as either of the other's we've featured but I like it :)

So as for my plans, I'll continue seeing what the survey brings up and hopefully get some ideas in place on how to be more organised and consistent when it comes to the blog.  I'll be introducing some new features and definitely bringing back Pin It Do It as I miss it too and this was also requested by quite a number of you, yay!  It's great to know you like most of what I'm doing and are continuing to read.  I knew people were still reading as the stats have stayed steady and now I'm posting more regularly again, they're back up to what they once were but it would be nice to get some more engagement again, it's been so lovely reading comments people have put in the survey, the positive feedback has been lovely as well as useful in knowing what you all like best amongst the many topics I post about.

I try not to get too hung up on stats but it's reassuring to know people are reading and enjoying the blog since I do put so much into it.  I don't make any money from the blog (I've never tried to) but I have decided to include ads in the future, hopefully this won't put people off and won't be intrusive, they'll just be ads at the end of posts and easily ignored if you don't like them but may give me a little return for all the time spent.  There is the odd perk of course, like being invited to review places/things I love and in return I get a free meal or day out or outfit and as always, I make this clear in any related posts for complete transparency.  I strive for quality on the blog and spend hours on each post, editing my drafts and getting photos, graphics and links right to be useful/inspiring/pretty.  Because I love it.  I see ads on other blogs and realised they don't actually bother me, they're on so may websites nowadays I tend not to even notice, but it would be nice to see if I can make a little income out of it.  (I've realised I never included this point in my survey so if you do have any strong feelings about it, please do comment below, it can still be anonymous and I'd be interested to know.)

So, thank you, again for reading, for caring and for helping me keep going!  I'll keep you updated.


amy said...

I may or may not have sneakily read some of your drafts from the back end when I've been writing mine and I definitely think you should post more personal posts!!! x

Bex said...

Sneaky sneaky Amy! ;) Maybe I should read back over some old drafts and post some.

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