Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bright prints for the twins' bedroom gallery wall

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You may remember the gallery wall I made above the twins' cots in their nursery.  I filled lots of white frames with various brightly coloured prints as well as a few of my maternity photos.

Photo by Laura Aziz {baby, picture this}

Well it's 3 years on and I felt like their room needed a bit of a refresh.  We've yet to take the sides off their cots although it is planned for the weekend as they're now able to climb out.  It's actually quite cute as Kalyan climbs out of his onto the daybed and then proceeds to pile up the cushions from the daybed onto the floor next to Priya's cot so she too has a soft landing.  Good teamwork there sneaky twinnos!  She doesn't always climb out and likes to proudly tell me that she didn't when I find her still in her cot post-nap or in the morning.  Kalyan knows (somehow without us ever telling him) that he isn't supposed to leave their room, even after having been to sleep, so he knocks loudly on their door when he's ready to get up and waits for me to go and open it to be greeted with his massive smile and a big leaping cuddle.

Anyway, as for their gallery wall, I've spotted a few gorgeous bright prints lately so I've purchased a few from various places and started working on the new layout but it's a work in progress.  Before I share the final result when it's finished, I thought I'd show you a few of the prints I'm loving!

I have plans for the previous prints and postcards when I swap them and I'll be writing a separate post about this when I've started work on the project.

As for the new prints and cards I'm hoarding, below are some of my favourites, most of them are from Red Bubble which I only recently discovered after admiring someone's cushion on Instagram!  It's a portal for artists to sell their designs in so many formats - home decor, clothing, phone cases and all sorts of stationery!  I love that if you find a design you like, you can get it in all kinds of formats plus they have so many different artists.  I've mostly gone for postcards and greetings cards for the twins' room as they're cheaper but I also got a new phone cover, a photographic print and some cushion covers too!  Just scroll down on the page of the design and you'll find all the other categories and products you can purchase with the same design.

At the moment they have an offer on spiral notebooks to get 15% off if you buy two (far too easy, I know quite a few fellow notebook addicts!) and on their cushions, also 15% off when you buy any two.

So as for my favourites, I found plenty of rainbow coloured designs and purchased all of these below:

Map, Rainbow Stripes, Books, Ice Lollies, Paint

I can't wait to get them all framed and see them displayed properly!  I also really love these cute bear and giraffe prints below.  I didn't even notice the piano key giraffe legs until it arrived!


And I know Holly will like this rainbow Dinosaur card.  The cards also have a multi-buy offer to save 20% if you buy any 8 or 30% if you buy any 16.  I mixed and matched the deal and bought various sizes and types to get 30% off them all :)  I love to have a well stocked card drawer, even though I'm rubbish at remembering to send any!

Rainbow Dinosaur Print

This is not a sponsored post, I purchased all of the above items but since I was sharing them here anyway, I signed up to Red Bubble's affiliate programme so if anyone does buy via my links, I get a small percentage which helps me justify how many hours I spend writing my blog.  ;)

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