Thursday, 14 September 2017

Buxted Playpark - review

We've got a lot of great parks around us here in Uckfield and we often visit various ones but there are some I've never been to.  I thought I'd review our favourites and start exploring some new ones too. I've already written about Luxford Park when I reviewed Holly's Outside the Box clothing range (the kids loved it and it made a great backdrop), but one of the handiest for us is Buxted play park.  Right next to the doctor's surgery, it's very handy if you also need to pick up a prescription (although swings come first).

Parking can be a bit of an issue but we usually manage to squeeze in somewhere.  The park itself has the usual culprits, toddler swings, normal swings, small and large slides and climbing frames but it also has some little obstacle course style sections too and a spinning cup and rocking horse.  I believe there is also an area further up on the green with a zip line and adult exercise machines too but we usually stick to the enclosed park for the younger kids.

Most of these photos were taken back in March, hence the cosy clothes and muddy bottoms!  The park does get quite boggy when it's wet so we tend to go to other parks in the winter.

But in the summer, it's fantastic!

Tell me, do you have a favourite park?  I'd love to know which others we should try out!

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