Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Pink House - Reclaimed Wood coffee table DIY by Amy

As I mentioned in my kitchen post, we've been trying to reuse and recycle materials wherever possible.  Please excuse the rubbish photos in this post but I think they give a nice overview of the process. 

Here is the wood as it was before:

It was actually James's idea to make the table.  He called me into the garage and showed me a frame he'd made using some of the old beams.  He's not known for being good at measuring so when I saw how well it fitted together I was pretty gobsmacked.

After umming and ahhing over the best way to lay out the oak panels we decided that a herringbone pattern would look best. I then had the job of laying it all out, which given that the panels had lips on them and were all entirely different widths and thicknesses was like doing a very difficult jigsaw without knowing if it was possible.

I then sanded and waxed the whole table top, before fixing the panels into place. I also added a little extra 'patina' to the frame as one side had old paint on and I quite liked it so wanted them all to have a little bit for consistency.

Then all that was left was to attach the yellow hairpin legs.

Aside from a few fixings the only thing we had to buy were the legs which were about £22. This table we had seen in one of our favourite interiors shops in Suffolk was over £600 by contrast! Bargain!!

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