Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Blackberry Farm birthday party

The twins were invited along to a birthday party at Blackberry Farm last weekend and had a great time (in between tantrums and clinging to me that is)!  It wasn't our party so I'm not going to "review" it but I will say it was awesome and the twins and all the other kids had so much fun!  I have permission from the Mum to share a few photos with you of her little boy's awesome day out with his friends.

We started off meeting by the cafe before all heading through to the petting area with rabbits and guinea pigs.  Most of the little ones were great, sitting down patiently waiting for their turn to hold or stroke the animals.  The twins were in a bit of a funny mood (possibly related to my stress dealing with a poorly timed tantrum as we left the house - all Priya's fault declaring that it was HER birthday and no one else could have any cake, setting Kalyan off crying and complaining to me that Priya said he couldn't have cake, me telling her it was Eliot's birthday and his cake to share triggering her meltdown - the joys!) so they didn't want to touch the animals and were pretty clingy with me so I didn't get many photos here as Daddy was at work so my camera was swiftly tucked away again.

Luckily they cheered up as soon as the big animal feed appeared and they all started feeding sheep, goats and alpacas.  Priya stuck to the lady with the purple bucket like glue after that so I was free to take more photos again with K cheering up massively too.  All the kids loved it (bar a couple of nervous ones who didn't want a turn) and were clamouring to get more feed from the bucket for the animals.  I loved listening to them giggle at the tickling of the animal tongues!

It got pretty cold and drizzly at this point but they didn't care, we walked in a circuit feeding various animals until we came back to the tractor barn for our trailer ride around the farm.  As I'm sure you can imagine, they all loved that too, what is it with kids and tractors?  Luckily after that it was time for food as we were all getting a bit chilly and hungry.

We were led to a cosy little cabin which was all set out with colourful plates and lots of party food and us Mums finally got a chance to catch up properly while the kids ate.  It was lovely and after birthday cake and obligatory rendition of Happy Birthday (P&K's new favourite song!), we could go and explore the farm as we liked.  Everyone headed for the indoor soft play which was sheltered although still pretty chilly as it's still open on one side.

We had a great time at the farm party and I'll just gloss over the fact I had to climb up and carry a kicking & screaming Kalyan over obstacles out of the soft play when Priya got upset and we needed to go home for a much needed nap!  He then ran into another soft play entrance while I struggled to get my muddy boots back on, leading to me screaming "No, no, no!" as I ran after him, boots flapping before having to remove them and climb in again, dragging him out of a tube by his feet!  All the while, Priya was crying in a friend's arms.  I decided to lock him in the baby enclosure while I re-booted again and gathered everything but some friends stepped in and managed to wrangle his wellies on and then helped me to the car.  It's not easy this twin mama malarkey, I'm not sure how I'd have managed to carry two unhappy 3-year-olds to the car without my friends there to help!  (Note to self, always take a sling in the bag!)

So, other than the twin dramas, we had a lovely day out at the farm celebrating their friend's birthday!  It looked like they were building a new track for a ride and the adventure playground seems to have expanded since we were last there.  We'll have to go back on a brighter day to have more of a play outside.  Thanks to the birthday boy for inviting us!

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Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

What a great venue for a birthday party. I have often been asked by locals if we do birthday party days - which we don't, but seeing this post makes me realise what fun it could be. It sounds like we have much the same set up here for our holidays, though I am rather taken with the tractor eyes, I may have to show this to our Farmer Nick. It sounds like the twins had a wonderful time between the odd tantrum which I understand all too well, I remember my own triplets at this age, it isn't easy and I did feel for you struggling back into wellies with a crying little one too. I bet they all slept well after all that farm fun though.

Thank you for popping over and sharing with me on the first #CountryKids link up of 2018.

Steph said...

What a lovey birthday party. I had a farm party for my birthday party when I was a kid. Loved it!! Beautiful photos

fun as a gran said...

What a lovely and different birthday party, much more my thing than an entertainer in a hall.
Shame about the temper tantrum on the way out of the door but nice they came round and enjoyed themselves.
Thats a large bucket of food. #Countrykids

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