Monday, 27 November 2017

Preview from Laura Aziz - twin family session aged 3

It's that time of year again, when we invite the awesome talent that is Laura Aziz of baby, picture this, to hang out with us for a couple of hours (sneakily extended by me offering to pick her up half way so we could natter in the car!) while she makes beautiful art out of our lives.

She knows I've booked her every year until she retires and here's why...

6 stunning images of our walk in Sheffield Park.  A simple joy that we need to do more often but to have it captured so beautifully and effortlessly (and by that I mean her skill because it really is an effort to keep up with these two, especially when Kalyan has a stick 3 times his size, sorry Laura!) is so wonderful.  I cannot wait to see the rest!  Best money I ever spend.

P.S. The top two are my absolute favourites, SUN FLARE!!!!  Which are yours??

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