Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Our Christmas Tree & other decorations 2017

Every year I've planned to post about our decorations and I don't think I've managed it once since having the twins!  I struggle to keep up with everything at this time of year and end up thinking I'll take the photos and write it ready for next year!  Happened once in 2015.  So I'm surprised at myself for getting this year's decorations photographed and on the blog before Christmas!

We got our tree from Pound Green in Buxted this year and they delivered it later the same day.  We always choose a Nordman Fir (never again will we get a cheaper Spruce after one horrendous year of NEEDLEMANIA, such a mess - we were still finding needles in August) and I took the twins to choose one after pre-school pick up on the Friday so it was a hasty trip as K decided he was super hungry for lunch and had no interest in trees, hence no pics.

We actually didn't manage to bring it in and decorate until Sunday evening (by which time it had been rained on, whoops) but we had a lovely time with the kids helping to hang decorations.  They loved it although we did end up with quite a few clusters before I did a Monica after bedtime and redistributed.  ;)

Our little helpers cleaning up the needles.

The final result:

And some of my favourite personalised decorations:

Our gorgeous bauble from Laura Aziz last year

Some glass baubles I inserted photos into and the hand written decorations Ma made when the twins were born.

And the rest:

In the hall:

And the kitchen/dining room:

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