Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Simple Toddler Christmas Craft - Potato stamping Cards/Wrapping

I meant to order cards with the photos I took of the twins in their jumpers at Ashdown Forest but it's a bit late now.  (See a mock up of the designs below though, looks like it'll be e-cards this year again!)

As we needed some physical cards for teachers at pre-school and the childminder to give with our thank you/Merry Christmas gifts, I decided we should make some.  Rather than just random painting or anything too taxing given the sleep deprivation lately (it's sadly ongoing again as Kalyan now has a cough after everything else!), I thought potato stamping would be a good bet.  I halved a potato, carved out a simple Christmas Tree on each side (to avoid arguments) and put some green paint onto a paper plate.

K and P were quite happy watching me free-hand the potatoes with a sharp knife but were desperate to get going with the painting.  I could barely keep up replacing their cards for fresh ones before they ended up entirely covered in green with no visible tree shapes at all!

Surprisingly there wasn't a lot of mess considering.

I had thought we'd maybe decorate them using their little circle sponges and bright colours to make baubles but decided to quit while we were ahead.  Some of them looked pretty awesome and others showed how much fun they had!  I was quite impressed with Priya's letters copying mine too, Kalyan just wanted to do the K for his name.

As for the gifts, we went for a good old bottle of fizz for their key person and the childminders, with a big box of chocolates for the rest of the pre-school.  I'd love to do some of the more creative ideas from Pinterest but I'm just knackered at the moment so it's basic functioning only for now, hence the rubbish unedited phone photos too.  Hopefully I'll be back on my game in the new year!

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