Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Guest room shopping list - home interiors redesign

Probably should have finished and posted this before my other post about the spare room furniture - that's just how busy and disorganised I really am!

We finally have our guest room painted.  In the end we went for Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball and I LOVE it!  Definitely the right choice and I'm so glad I convinced Nik it should cover the whole room, it looks amazing and he has now conceded that it is awesome and wouldn't have looked as good with just one wall.

Now it's time for the other fun stuff, shopping!  I've made a little shopping list of things we'd like to replace/add to the room to complete the redesign.

I'm debating whether to replace the headboard (currently a very old cheap faux suede in cream, VERY old) or just get rid of it entirely and have large cushions against the wall with no headboard.  If we do get one I'm thinking pale grey or white.  I do love these Instagram inspiration photos but didn't plan to copy the whole idea!

I originally ordered a grey fabric one but wasn't happy with the quality when it arrived, plus it just looked wrong and was too dark.  I definitely want to use the furnishings to brighten up the room so will be using white, pale grey and gold to complement the deep warm blue tones of the walls.

Grey headboard

Apart from already having a couple of Ikea shelves, a John Lewis lightbox and Aldi bedside lamps, I also have a gold edged mirror on its way and a couple of artworks to display somehow.  We'd like to remove one of the wardrobes as well as the bookshelf to create more space and remove clutter.  (There's some serious sorting going on right now with many, many bags of "stuff" for the charity shops!)  But we do need some new bedside tables, bedding and a chest of drawers to replace the wardrobe as there is still a need for storage in there for guests.

We also want to replace the blind with something more aesthetically pleasing than the current cheap white roller we bought when we moved in.  (It hasn't been put back up since the room was painted since it's winter anyway so light isn't an issue for the one night Nik's parents stay over to have the kids when I work.)

Soooo, I'd love some help!  I found a few ideas for bedside tables but would love any links to other items which could work for the room, I love a bit of reader help as you guys have come up trumps before, it's amazing what awesome stuff other people find even though I've spent hours searching online.

I bought this duvet set from Zara Home too, although I'm yet to decide if we're keeping it.  I'm not sure if it's too busy even though we've kept the walls simple and it's darker in real life too.  I might swap it for plain bedding in pale grey and get the large 60x60 cushion covers in the same design instead.  They could add just enough interest and be part of the "no headboard" idea.

Digital watercolour floral print

The bedding is my current dilemma, I've been considering a few options but find it hard to visualise without seeing them in real life.  I considered bluebellgray Botanical but didn't want to go too floral although I do love the colours with Hague blue so might be incorporating it some other way, with cushions or wallpaper as a print.  I also love their Stornoway cushion which I plan to order as it should go with any of the ideas I have for the bed.

I do also really like the idea of blush bedding with greys against the dark blue wall and having a lovely soft textured blanket, I've ordered this gorgeous pom pom throw from M&S, I remember feeling it in store and it's super soft!

Image source left and image source right

Pom Pom throw in grey


Nicola Neal said...

I love the grey/blush bedding. I just bought this bedding from John Lewis (half price in the sale and pure cotton (an absolute must in my opinion)). It looks awesome with dark blue walls....

Nicola Neal said...

Me again! I am a little bit obsessed with cranes now after purchasing the bedding from John Lewis and I love this print too, which also would look amazing with blue walls. 15% off at the moment too if you register.
You have inspired me to take the plunge and paint my bedroom blue!

Bex said...

Thanks Nicola! LOVE that print, the bedding only has single bed size left now but I think I'd like to go lighter on the bedding. Have just collected some parcels and waiting on one more option for the bedding so I can see them all in the room and decide! Some from John Lewis sale, some from Bedeck and some from HOF sale.

Bex said...

Also, yay for the dark blue walls! I am loving ours :)

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