Wednesday, 3 January 2018

My 36th birthday

I often get upset that my birthday is in that limbo period between Christmas and New Year, being the day before New Year's Eve people don't tend to want to go out then and/or are skint.  Last year a few friends were going to be coming round for some cocktails but then the twins both got chicken pox and I had to cancel it anyway.  Nik was at work as it was a Friday and I was having a pretty rubbish day caring for two miserable 2-year-olds on my own.  But then some lovely friends each popped around with some treats for me and the kids, hugs and wise words, it ended up being pretty fab, thanks to my awesome friends!

This year was quite different, I decided not to bother with a party (and after a last minute change of heart found everyone was indeed too busy anyway) so on the day, it was just Nik, the kids and I as it was a Saturday and it was perfect!  It started off with a lie-in for me, I hadn't even noticed Nik getting up as I was so tired!  I woke around 9 and could hear them all downstairs but I lay in bed waiting to see if they'd come to find me.  They soon did.

It was lovely being woken by Kalyan all excited telling me it was my birthday tomorrow, lol.  I got kisses and then he climbed into bed with me to hide under the covers from Daddy and Priya who soon turned up with a bag of gifts and cards for me to open :)

I received some lovely things including this gorgeous print I had on my wish list.  It's by Katie Scott who illustrates for Kew Gardens and I love it against the new spare room wall colour, Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball.  It makes me think of the creative ideas flowing out of my head and I just love the colours.  The cute rainbow keyring was also on my wish list but I've discovered having a Pinterest wish list is dangerous as not only did MIL & FIL get it for my for my birthday but Mum and Nik also did.  Luckily Nik was able to cancel his when he realised his Mum had already bought one for me and my Mum noticed when she saw me post mine on Instagram as she'd ordered it the day before and thought it got here awfully fast!  I think she managed to cancel hers too.  I did warn Nik to check with his parents before buying off the list as she'd asked for a list to choose from!

I also received a cute rainbow tray for my craft table, salted caramel chocolates, a massage voucher, a craft voucher (I think I'll be doing some pottery!) and some lovely jewellery.  So lucky!  Not only that but the kids soon dragged me downstairs to show me the cake Daddy made at 7am!  Actual cake for breakfast, it was so good!

 We slowly got ready for brunch which you can read more about this afternoon and headed out all dressed up.

After brunch we did a little shopping before grabbing some sushi from Waitrose's new sushi counter in Lewes and came home for an afternoon nap.  The kids had a bath in the evening with some lovely cute cuddles after and once they were in bed, Nik and I enjoyed some cocktails (my favourite, Pornstar Martinis - I'll be sharing a few recipes soon of all the cocktails we enjoyed over the holidays, you may have seen them on my social media) and steak for dinner.  All my favourite foods and drinks in one day!  Yum!

All in all, it was a pretty perfect day with my loves!

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