Sunday, 14 January 2018

My Sunday Photo - Buxted Village Barber

For My Sunday Photo this week I've chosen my favourite photo from the last week of my 365 project.

I took Kalyan for a haircut at Buxted Village Barber.  This time we had to wait for his turn and the twins were fascinated by the window decals so I nipped outside to grab a photo.  As always, Denise did a great job and Kalyan loved the experience, he really seems to like the clippers although they do sometimes tickle him.  Priya had a haircut recently so she just had her hair brushed as she wanted a turn in the chair and I wanted to avoid a tantrum.  She keeps asking for a "proper haircut" like Daddy and Kalyan, I think because she hates having hers brushed!

The first 12 days of my 365 project.



Photalife said...

A beautiful natural moment to capture. I never knew there was a barbers in Buxted.

Thank you for linking up

Susan Mann said...

What a sweet and beautiful moment captured x #mysundayphoto

Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

That's a gorgeous moment to capture, so sweet and natural

The Queen of Collage said...

Love the black and white in this image. #MySundayPhoto

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