Thursday, 5 April 2018

Easter 2018 - egg painting, hunting and eating!

We had a lot of fun this Easter.  What with all our egg painting, egg hunting and plenty of yummy food and of course chocolate, we had an amazing long weekend!

Ready to hunt for eggs!

We decorated our Easter tree with our own painted ceramic eggs from Hobbycraft and made sure to take it with us to the in-laws for the weekend along with my Easter egg garland from Homesense.

On Sunday, I set up an Easter egg hunt in Ma & Dadaji's lovely garden which we did first with the twins then they had lots of fun redistributing the eggs ready for their younger cousin to join in when she arrived.

A quick milk & chocolate stop and then Egg Hunt part two and more snacks!

Kalyan received a gorgeous red guitar which he was instantly obsessed with (and still is, "where's my 'tar?!") and lots of fighting sharing ensued.

We had such a fab weekend, it was just what we all needed!


Kids of the Wild said...

Love those cute bunny ears!! Sounds like a perfect Easter egg hunt, well two, lucky kids! And a gorgeous red guitar too. #CountryKids

Jo said...

What a lovely day! Love your little Easter tree. Great fun was had by all! #CountryKids

Helen - FromMummytoMum said...

The Easter egg hunt looks like great fun! #countrykids

Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

This sounds like a wonderful family gathering and plenty of fun for the cousins. You have some gorgeous photos of the kids enjoying their Easter Egg hunt and what a lovely touch to re-hide more for their cousins. I think they will all be looking to repeat this next Easter!

Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

Sensational Learning with Penguin said...

This looks like a lovely day! And it shows that you're a photographer, beautiful pictures! x #CountryKids

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