Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Easter Egg Painting - toddler crafts

I admit I was a bit nervous about how this activity might turn out, especially with ceramic eggs, but we actually had fun with this and both twins were fairly patient with it and were happy to watch me finish off their eggs once they were done painting.

I got the ceramic eggs from Hobbycraft (I already had some from last year but never got round to and we got more via my WI craft club where I started painting my rainbow spotty one) and also found a cute tree from Hobbycraft to hang them on which the kids loved and were very good at not touching as it was drummed into them how precious the eggs were and that they might break.

Priya painted that rainbow down at the bottom herself, I was really chuffed with how they all turned out!  I made the aqua polka dot one by applying stickers, then painting over them before peeling them off.  Some spots did bleed a little but it still looked cute.  I also used sharpies for a couple of them too:

Did you paint any eggs this year?  I really want to try dying some boiled eggs naturally next year, I've seen some great techniques to make patterns!

You can see the rest of our Easter fun here.

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