Monday, 14 May 2018

Downstairs Loo - Before & After

It's been months since this room was finished and I took photos back in January but have only just gotten around to blogging it since I wrote about the plans and before photos here.  I adore the new wallpaper and I'm so glad we decided to splash out on the F&B Lotus pattern.  In the end though, we couldn't justify the cost of doing all the walls in such a small room so opted for just the back wall in paper and actually I'm so glad we did, it looks fab with the other walls in the dark grey background colour, Plummet.  The amazing Matt and his mum from MRJ Services did a fantastic job hanging the wallpaper and painting the room.

We've since added a nicer light pull too but to remind you of the before, see below:

I'm yet to fully decide on artwork for this room, I've moved our old diving photo and although the African painting  is still above the toilet, I haven't been brave enough to hang it yet, I want to decide on the art for the main wall first.

We decided we needed a fancy soap to go with our new fancy toilet walls so I asked my sister-in-law for a recommendation as she works in Liberty.  She suggested this lush Aesop one and MIL bought us it for Christmas and SIL bought me this lovely Dr Vranges diffuser too so we have all the lovely scents sorted.  I also replaced the dead orchid!

So, what do you think?  Has anyone else splurged on F&B wallpaper?  I think it was worth it, I love this little room and it seems to look bigger with the large pattern too!

Any advice on art for the walls would be fab too, thanks!  ;)

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