Thursday, 3 May 2018

Writing for Uckfield Matters

I started my new job as a writer for Uckfield Matters magazine back in February and I'm really enjoying it!  My column is called Bex Blogs which gives me free reign to write about whatever I like although I try to keep it local as the magazine is produced in Uckfield, about Uckfield for local people.  So far I've written a lcoal Sunday roast review, shared a couple of recipes, talked about foraging for wild garlic in our local woods and shared about struggling with motherhood and pnd as well as how I cope using my photography.  I'm donating a family session to another mother suffering from pnd to try to help in some small way as I know how much my photos of the twins have helped me during my low periods.

It's quite exciting seeing myself on the contributors' page too.

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