Thursday, 16 August 2018

Cuckfield Recreation Ground (& paddling pool) - review

We made an awesome discovery this summer, Cuckfield Rec Ground has a lovely park with a big paddling pool!  It wasn't too busy either despite being the holidays so was a good hidden find about half an hour drive away from Uckfield, we had a little trouble finding the way in but if you manage to get there it's worth taking a picnic to spend the whole day.

The kids all loved splashing about in the water and some of the bigger children even shared their water guns which was very kind.  They all played so nicely together.

As well as the paddling pool you'll also find all the usual playground stuff too and some climbing stones and a brass dinosaur!  There are even toilets which are very handy when you plan to make a day of it there with little ones.

Priya didn't want to leave!

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