Monday, 1 October 2018

Exploring Buxted Park

Despite living a stones throw from Buxted Park, we haven't ever managed a full walk around the country estate.  After our Sunday Roast at The Buxted Inn at the weekend, we went to explore it properly and actually try to make it down to the "duck pond" at the bottom which we knew the twins would love.

We parked by the church near the hotel and started our walk through the old gate at the back of the churchyard.

Kalyan was most distraught by all the nettles guarding the last of the brambles he could see and P loved being the gatekeeper.  We then wandered down, past all the grazing cows to reach the big pond/small lake.

Twin cows and twin dragonflies ;)

Then we found a little island with a path across and the kids liked throwing twigs in to the ducks (who soon swam off when they realised it wasn't actually food) and I may have encouraged some kissing action which resulted in some hilarious laughter photos!

They had a bit of a run around away from the cows so we didn't scare them and we slowly made our way back up with lots of rests as K was too tired apparently.

We only found a few acorns (I suspect the squirrels beat us to the majority) but we collected some colourful leaves and have yet to find any Horse Chestnut trees for conkers.  We thought we'd hit the jackpot but it turned out to be sweet chestnuts.

I had a close encounter with a cow, took a few fern photos and some autumnal scenes though and the kids cheered up once we reached the church again and there was no more hill to climb!

It was a lovely afternoon, despite the whinging coming back up the hill!

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