Sunday, 21 October 2018

Halloween Makeup with My Beloved Makeup - review

If you are after a really good make-up artist to do an awesome job of making up your kids (or indeed yourself) for Halloween, I can highly recommend Emese Csoma who runs My Beloved Makeup in Uckfield.  She'll come to your home with her supplies and work her magic to create some amazing designs.  I worked with her recently on a collaboration as I love her designs and she wanted some new photos of her work so she came to paint the twins with Mexican sugar skulls to go with the Day of the Dead outfits I bought last year which were too big!

Due to them still being somewhat un-cooperative at times (ha) and us wanting to aim for early morning light (we were hoping for another foggy morning but at least we got sunshine), she kept it simple with plain white designs which we knew would stand out really well against their Indian toned skin and would be quicker to apply before they got fed up and/or the sun got too high.

I love how they turned out and the kids were pleased too!  (They still have traces on as they're refusing to let us wash it off!)

So here she is at work, being amazingly focused and patient as chaos and tantrums go on around her!  K initially refused but then really wanted his done by the time Priya was finished.

When everyone was painted and coaxed into their outfits, with promises of raisins and chocolate (I know, bribery at its best!), we headed up to a local church cemetery.

K was actually not up for it again and just stood there whinging demanding chocolate.  Hmmm.  I managed a couple of photos of Priya in the long grass by some gravestones while poor Emese tried to reason with K which just freaked him out more.  Sigh.  Luckily we knew Nik was on the way to help once he was ready so we just had to obey some of Kalyan's demands until then as I was obviously under pressure to produce some images of Emese's hard work!  He wanted to go to the church so we took a few there where he could run towards me for a chocolate pretzel which cheered him up no end.

After that, began the moaning and whinging again despite Nik now having joined us.  Kalyan did NOT want to be in any other photos but did NOT want to leave me.  Sigh.  Next time I will ask for other child models, not my own children.  It's too hard to stay in work mode when my own kids are playing up.  We had given him the option to stay home with Daddy but he had wanted to come.  In the end he got so disruptive and just did not get the concept of bribery so Nik took him home screaming so Emese and I could get the images we needed.  Lesson learned.

Luckily Priya was on top form and loved working for pretzels!  Her attitude came out in spades (when I wanted it for a change) and we got some great images for us both to use to promote what we do.  Phew.

Emese was on hand for touch-ups and assisting when needed which was really helpful and when we moved under the 2500 year old Yew tree after the sun got too strong, I got creative with my prism and sun flares through the branches.  SO much fun!

We stayed until Priya had enough and was rewarded with her box of raisins and then a hot chocolate when we got home.

Emese was so fun to work with and did an amazing job on their faces with such attention to detail!  I liked that I could see her designs beforehand on a template design on her phone, she'd obviously planned ahead and had a few creative ideas.  I'd also hire her for straight going-out make-up as I've seen her work over on Instagram and love her style, be sure to check out My Beloved Makeup on Facebook too.  

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