Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Bing Live - review

We were invited along to see Bing Live in Eastbourne this evening and we had a wonderful time!  I was prepared with extra snacks for the twins this time after our first theatre outing to see The Snark and it worked for the most part.  Priya was pretty good but Kalyan was a bit restless as usual, I was glad to have my friend Alisha with me to help control things.  Regardless, we all loved the show, joining in with the dancing, cheering and clapping.  It started at 4, we had an interval at half past and it was finished around 5:15pm which was ideal and we went straight around the corner for dinner afterwards.

I was allowed to take photos of the show this time so these are all my own photos of the evening.

As you can see, Priya was mesmerised.  K was a bit restless as usual but he did enjoy it as long as I kept the snacks coming!

Thankfully a friend from work came with me as Nik couldn't get the afternoon off - Priya adored her and they had a lot of fun in the interval.

After the break, the show was a bit more interactive which was great as both P & K enjoyed dancing along with the characters.  The music and lighting effects were fantastic and the way the characters were brought to life with excellent puppeteers, I actually really enjoyed it too.

We loved the show and the theatre was comfortable as always with friendly staff helping us to our seats and giving us boosters for the twins.  We're heading back soon for our first panto and we can't wait!

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