Thursday, 15 November 2018

Lisbon - A grown up getaway!

I'm just writing a quick summary for now as I have so much to say about this trip but I'm struggling to keep up with everything as usual at this time of year!  Basically, Lisbon was awesome!  I would highly recommend a short trip away to any parents, especially if you've hardly seen each other all year!  Nik and I are so grateful to his parents for coming to look after the twins so we could have some quality time alone exploring Lisbon.

We had cocktails, found so many beautiful tiles, ate fancy food and drank fancy cocktails, ate simple food and beer, wine and/or Ginja!  We walked and walked, rode on lots of trams and busses, took so many photos and tasted so many things.  We had a pamper session on a rainy day in our hotel, chilled out in the bar, had lots of lay-ins and ate as many Pasteis as we could!!  We managed to fit a fair bit into our 5 days away :)

The city is so colourful, between street art and so many different tiles and with beautiful paving and so much character.  I would definitely recommend it for a city break in Europe but be prepared for steps!  :D

And some phone pics:

I'll be writing a couple more posts about our trip with specific reviews on our walking tours and places we ate/drank so watch this space!

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