Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Rainbow birthday pinata fun!

We had one more surprise at the end of the party, the pinata.  I had to buy the rainbow pinata by Sunnylife (one of my favourite brands for rainbow stuff) from Paperchase (another favourite shop for bright colours and rainbows)!  I hung it from our banister on landing above the stairs so it could swing and still be secure and not damage anything.

It was only after a fair few turns of bashing that we realised it wasn't really getting weaker and one of the Mums pointed out it might be one of the pinatas designed for toddlers which you aren't supposed to bash but actually pull the streamers from the bottom and one of them releases the goodies!  Who knew?!  Turns out she was right but when they started that it snapped right off the string so Daddy had to step in to hold it up and assist in getting the treats out!

I'd filled it with little bottles of bubbles, cute wee monster springers and some Freddo chocolate bars.

Needless to say, they all loved it and stuffing their faces with yet more sugar afterwards!  We did extra good tooth-brushing that evening!

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