Thursday, 15 November 2018

Trampoline party at Fun Abounds

I'm ashamed to say this was our first visit to Fun Abounds in Uckfield!  I have always fancied taking the kids but their special toddler sessions always landed on the wrong day/time for us and so we just never went.  Luckily we were invited along there for a birthday party recently and had an awesome time celebrating the twins' friend and having lots of bouncy fun!

I have to admit their outfits were not exactly trampoline friendly, Priya kept kneeling on her dress while scrambling about but she had insisted on wearing a party dress and Kalyan followed suit - he loves a dress and also wanted to dress up for the party!

Fun Abounds is such a huge place, it looks awesome and I would love to have a go myself on the big trampolines.  The kids all loved jumping about, flinging themselves (or being flung by some helpful daddies) into the foam pit, collecting balloons, running up and down the track down the side, playing on the balance beam...

Check out my photos of the twins at the party to see what they got up to, we can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks for the next birthday party we're invited to there!

It's an awesome place and perfect for a kids party!!

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