Thursday, 15 November 2018

Tulley's Farm Spook Fest 2018 - review

A Halloween festival, hell yes!  I was so excited to visit Tulley's Farm for their annual Spook Fest (the family friendly daytime version, not to be confused with the terrifying looking Shocktober Fest which is on in the evenings for older kids and adults).   I'd never been before but had heard it was good and was excited to spend a Halloweeny day with the twins since Nik and I were away for Halloween itself.  You know how much I love Halloween and when my friend Steph asked us to join her family there for the day I was even more excited, Priya adores her eldest daughter Bella and they are all so cute together, holding hands and generally being cute!

We started off having a quick wander to see what was where, none of us had been so we weren't sure at first which attraction was which.  Some of them are the sort of "main" attractions which you're given a "passport" for which are marked off when you enter so it seems you only get to go on those once each, presumably for when it's really busy to make sure everyone can have a turn.  Some of them were still closed when we arrived so we made our way down to the Maize Maze to hunt some spooks.  Despite them still being a bit young to get the full point, they all loved running around with their "maps" scribbling on it every time they found a spook in the maze.

Next up we found the trampolines, K initially didn't want to go on as he'd seen the shooting area just next to it but that cost extra and I didn't have any cash, nor did I trust him not to hate it when he got closer and heard the bangs!  When he saw the girls having fun though, he soon jumped on and they all had a blast screaming every time one of the guns went off!

We did the 3D cinema next as the queue for the tractor ride was super long once it opened!  It was really quiet in the cinema so I managed to take some hilarious photos of the kids in their glasses.  You can see the difference between beginning and end too - poor Nathan was the only Dad there and had the job of protector as the kids all piled onto him once the 3D creatures started flying at them.  The squeals and jumping were hilarious to watch!

There were some really great actors wandering round in amazing costumes.  The kids were a bit unsure at first but the girls soon warmed to the Pumpkin Queen and vampires, chatting away.

The Twisted Fun House was fun, glowing paintings everywhere which were great in 3D but I couldn't get the glasses to stay on as they were flimsy cardboard ones, I wish they'd been the same as the plastic cinema ones as they stayed on much better and would have been easier walking around holding hands with various children, I gave up on the glasses in the end, as did the kids.

Some of the walls were actually really creepy but the kids weren't phased at all, they just didn't like the darker rooms.

We spotted a shorter queue for the Haunted Hay Ride and took our chance.  It was brilliant!  I wondered why they hadn't shut the gate at the back of the trailer but it soon became apparent that it's open for the live actors to jump on and tell us their tales!  The costumes, sets and props were all great and really added to the ride through the woods.

They all enjoyed the show on the stage too which got them all involved, getting up onto the stage to sing along and make scary faces.  Priya really got into this, K mostly just loved jumping on and off the stage!

My biggest mistake was not bringing any cash.  For some reason I had it in my head that it was a farm attraction so would likely have a cafe for lunch which would take cards.  They did have an awesome Halloween shop which takes cards but the food was all concession stands like a real festival and they only took cash.  I was grateful to be there with friends who bought us lunch as I would have had to leave at lunchtime to feed the twins!  I paid them back when we got to the pumpkin patch though as they take cards so I paid for their pumpkins making us even.

The food we got was fried chicken and chips, I wish we'd managed to explore a bit more as we found some better options around the corner later but the kids were getting moody so we got the first thing we found that they'd eat.  We did also treat ourselves to some fresh donuts later on as well so it was not the healthiest of days but we did a lot of walking!  ;)

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