Monday, 3 December 2018

All things RAINBOW!

I started writing a new blog post about all my new rainbow clothes and then remembered this one which I started months ago (apparently before my office moved in from the garage!)  I'll carry on writing my new post with all of my own rainbow clothes but for now, here are some of the kids clothes I bought before their birthday.

If you follow my blog there's no way you will have missed my shift from loving everything green to everything rainbow!  I mean, I still love olive green but I love the whole light spectrum together more nowadays!  I wish I could somehow work rainbows into my grown up bedroom - maybe one day - for now I'm settling with rainbow bits in my "office" (desk in garage) and the twins rooms of course!

However, I am finding it's getting easier to get rainbow into our wardrobes, it seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment!  Here are a few of my latest rainbow finds for the twins' wardrobe (K's is still harder, Little Bird stuff is always a winner), I'll share some of mine and my office bits soon too.

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