Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Craft Courses - Beaded Snowflakes in Worthing - review

Last year for my birthday a group of friends pitched together to get me a gift voucher for craftcourses.com.  It was such a great gift as I had hundreds of courses to choose from and enjoyed browsing through the options.  Initially I thought I'd try a pottery day course and add the extra cash myself but with such a busy year, I struggled to have many spare days to myself and truth be told, forgot all about the voucher.

Luckily I remembered after Nik's exams were all over and used it before it expired!  As I had £40 to spend and with fewer choices before the end of the year, I decided on two shorter courses - snowflake beading for £18 and papercutting for £20.  After some initial issues splitting my voucher (there was a minimum value of £25 for splitting them) the lovely team at Craft Courses managed to sort it out for me and have changed their system so this doesn't happen again.

The first course I'd booked on was with The Litte Craftery in Worthing, run by Wendy.  Although it was a bit far away, the drive was easy and it was definitely worth the travel.  I had a lovely time spending the afternoon threading beads to make pretty snowflake decorations for my tree.

Of course I made a rainbow one and for my second one I went for green to fill in some more of my green layer of the rainbow tree.  It looked perfect hanging amongst the other green decorations with the lights making it super sparkly!

Not only that but I fell in love with a rainbow felt ball necklace Wendy had on display.  She adjusted it for me (I didn't want the white ball) and I have worn it loads already, including on New Year's Eve for my day out at Wilderness Wood and our cosy night in.  She has such a cute little shop with craft supplies as well as pre-made crafts like jewellery.

Wendy was a great and patient teacher with loads of courses on offer, check out her website, The Little Craftery, to see other options, I love these origami stars she had on display too, I only wish she was closer to Uckfield as I'd love to do more classes!

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