Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Sunday Roast review at the Abergavenny Arms near Lewes

Not to be confused with the one in Tunbridge Wells!  (Yep, we started driving in the wrong direction before a slightly heated discussion and a quick phone call to check before a swift turnaround!)

We met friends at the Abergavenny Arms near Lewes recently (not to be confused with the one in Frant where Nik started driving to, in the opposite direction), and had a lovely afternoon.  They're dog and child friendly so it was perfect for us and our friends with their fur baby.  The pub is traditional style with a lovely beer garden out the back.  It was a bit cold and windy the day we went so we sat inside where it was nice and cosy.

They had a good choice of things on the menu and I couldn't resist a super unhealthy but absolutely scrummy starter of hot pork scratchings which were basically deep fried bits of pork belly with a spicy soy based dip - YUM!  So bad but so good!  No-one else had a starter but we ordered some olives and bread to keep the kids appeased and give everyone something to nibble on while I indulged.

They had a few choices of meat on their Sunday Roast menu and I went for the beef which was served medium rare, just how I like it.  It actually came well done but was still nice.  For pud the kids had ice cream and brownies, Hemina and I were both disappointed they'd run out of our first and second choices of pud so she had the treacle tart and I had a brownie too which were both delicious.
Service was friendly and efficient despite them being very busy, it was a lovely relaxed afternoon!

We had a voucher deal that Hemina found so paid £25 per couple for 2 courses and added on extras like drinks and 3rd courses.  It was great value for what we had!

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